‘Perlee’s Dreampop is very gentle. Melancholic piano melodies, elegiac guitar runs and the dreamy singing Saramai Leech form the basis for their songs. Their new EP “Half Seen Figure” was released recently and the tracks fit perfectly with the current mood in our city.’ Radioeins (Translated from German)

‘Today we live in a society that tends to hide evil, loss, defeat and to ignore even death. To reject those ghosts, Perlee manage to overcome this limit that prevents us from growing and being the real masters of our lives. Their settings and sound textures reflect, like real crystals, every possible nuance of human emotions. Every experience, even the most negative, is fundamental because it contributes to our maturity, to the recognition of our shortcomings and therefore can suggest a way to fill them, can teach us how to transform lead into gold.’ Paranoid Park (Translated from Italian)

‘Perlee continue to entrance with their masterly use of textures and striking lyrical imagery, accessing shades of emotion that manage to paint a full picture of the human experience.’ Irish Culture Berlin

‘Last week, Perlee released their gorgeous EP Half Seen Figure, follow-up to debut Slow Creature.’ Kid With A Vinyl

‘If you have come across any of Perlee’s music thus far you will be happy to hear that “Slow Your Eyes” is another example of what these two do well together — a gorgeous, sighing composition that feels both dreamlike and lived-in.’Stereogum

‘‘Slow Your Eyes’ is a deftly woven new track from Perlee. Cast across a soundscape of hazy vocal harmonies, glistening guitars and a gentle vibe the duo’s latest offering is an enchanting one’ The Last Mixed Tape

TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Saige, Vivid Dreamer, Bitch Falcon, Host, ROE, Nealo & Uly, Rachel Mae Hannon, 1000 Beasts, Somebody’s Child, Perlee, Amy Naessens, & Greg Tisdall

‘We’re more than happy to call it: Perlee are one of the most exciting Irish acts we’ve heard in some time.’ The Thin Air

‘New & Notable: Berlin group @perleemusic take the classic slowcore template and make disarmingly beautiful music’

‘a tender batch of beautifully constructed experimental folk tracks with breezy vocals and floating melodies played out over the synths and guitars for a hazy summery ethereal soundtrack.’

‘Beginning in a sort of grey afternoon reverie, “Charlie’s Song” blooms into a chorus, Leech and O’Keeffe’s voices intertwining as they sing “You’re in my mind/ At the break of day, in the dead of night.” Fittingly, the melody sounds like someone’s heart opening up to another person. ‘

‘The duo’s melody weaves in and out of focus initially, like tips of flames moving in unpredictable yet still natural arcs. The song becomes entrancing in the same ways as the images Leech evokes, drawing you in with one flare, one faded hook, before encouraging you to get lost in its currents. It’s a sighing, beautiful composition.’

‘a delicate ride where the band’s alt-pop melodies combine perfectly with Saramai’s smoky and haunting voice’