‘Perlee continue to entrance with their masterly use of textures and striking lyrical imagery, accessing shades of emotion that manage to paint a full picture of the human experience.’

Last week, Perlee released their gorgeous EP Half Seen Figure, follow-up to debut Slow Creature.

‘If you have come across any of Perlee’s music thus far you will be happy to hear that “Slow Your Eyes” is another example of what these two do well together — a gorgeous, sighing composition that feels both dreamlike and lived-in.’Stereogum

‘‘Slow Your Eyes’ is a deftly woven new track from Perlee. Cast across a soundscape of hazy vocal harmonies, glistening guitars and a gentle vibe the duo’s latest offering is an enchanting one’ The Last Mixed Tape

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‘We’re more than happy to call it: Perlee are one of the most exciting Irish acts we’ve heard in some time.’The Thin Air