We’re more than happy to call it: Perlee are one of the most exciting Irish acts we’ve heard in some time.‘ – Brian Coney, The Thin Air

On early Perlee demos you can always hear the sound of crows roosting for the night. Why? Well, in 2016 Saramai Leech and Cormac O’Keeffe were looking for a place to call home. They settled on an out-of-the-way cottage on a large estate a few miles out from their home town in Meath, Ireland. They made a studio in their kitchen and when they left the door open the peahens and chickens would curiously make their way inside. During these years in the ‘middle of nowhere’ with feathered creatures and tall old trees, Perlee was born. Vocal harmonies, synths, strangely tuned and detuned reverberant guitars abound in a vast yet minimal sound.

They drove to Berlin in the Winter, with a batch of songs and their instruments and records packed into a van. Finding an apartment and a studio in close proximity they hit a purple patch of writing and gigging. The vibrant city and people found it’s way into their sound and performances. Sharing stages with Hilary Woods, Steve Gunn, Half Waif, Conor O’Brien and being selected for the Irish Music Week industry showcase both last year and this year, they played over 50 shows including a showcase at the Irish Embassy in Berlin.

Perlee released their debut EP ‘Slow Creature’ earlier this year to great critical response, sold out shows in their hometowns of Navan and Berlin, significant Spotify playlisting and notable radio play across college radio in the US, Canada, national and local play in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland.

Their second EP ‘Half Seen Figure’ will be released via Greenbay Records and will be available from August 14th to stream, download and also to own on a limited run of cassette tapes.